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The Undergraduate Program for Central European Studies (UPCES) is the undergraduate liberal arts study abroad program of CERGE-EI and The Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

The UPCES curriculum infuses relevant Central Europe topics into a wide variety of liberal arts subjects, all taught by a faculty of distinguished scholars, government figures, and industry specialists.
Students have the opportunity to learn new topics, study a foreign language, gain wider perspectives, and experience cultural immersion—while living in one of Europe’s most historic cities.

Outside the classroom, UPCES students explore the cultures of Central Europe firsthand. Program trips, excursions, internships, and immersion activities offer opportunities to discover new places, people, and perspectives.

The International Economics and Finance track (IEF) runs in conjunction with UPCES. IEF is designed for academically serious and independent students who major or minor in economics, finance, or business and wish to gain new knowledge and skills from an international perspective. IEF students are directly enrolled in one or two courses at the Institute of Economic Studies (IES) of Charles University and they will also take two or three of the UPCES liberal arts courses. Students in both programs are required to take a Czech language class as part of their course load.

UPCES classes meet in the Schebek Palace, a historic building in the center of Prague. Courses bring together European and American students in a small and interactive classroom setting. For IEF students, their IES classes are located one block away from the UPCES classrooms.

Crucially, UPCES offers a personalized approach to study abroad. Students receive all the resources essential to a rewarding semester of cultural immersion and discovery.