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International migration of international students is now at an unprecedented level. No longer is this the domain of countries such as UK, Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand but students are now looking at study options in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Cyprus and most of the EU countries.
This is giving the student a wider choice in relation to a range of subjects, entrance criteria, cost, types of institution and cultural experience.

The market is growing, but so to is the number of educational institutions seeking to recruit these students.

Unfortunately, the unethical behaviour of some international colleges is causing major problems for students, parents and sponsors.

It is very difficult for students to get a realistic and honest picture of what an institution is really like in terms of quality, resources, student support and ethics.

ASIC has been formed to bring this independent information to the student population through its accreditation service with well defined and objective benchmarking.

Accreditation through ASIC will help the student and parent make a more informed choice and will also help a college/university demonstrate to the marketplace that they are a high quality institution.